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An Authority on Food Science

Improve Your Diet for Better Health

Achieve holistic wellness with help from Heal ThySelves Organization (HTSO). We provide a variety of services and products to help you become healthier from the inside out, including: 

  • Speakers, Modules, workshops
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Weight Loss Without FFFFs (Fat-Free Foods Failures)
  • Yoga

HTSO knows world hunger is reason enough to start thinking about solutions to food poverty. Start from within you with our genuine, proven techniques. We can also help you achieve your weight loss goals! Heal ThySelves is a reward that may be all too necessary, even more so today!

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 Rose a "Real Home Economist"

Under the leadership of a certified home economist, we strive to reduce your work-related stress for a better home. Women and men commonly experience aaahh aaahh moments with Heal-thy (heal) ThySelves. HTSO coaching will expand your well-being, mental and physical! Our services are available to clients worldwide.