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Experienced Wellness Coaches

Working Towards Increased Access to Good Nutrition

Food poverty is defined as a person or household’s inability to have a healthy diet. Heal ThySelves Organization (HTSO) offers solutions to the problem of food poverty and nutritional poverty by delivering a whole new way to work with and understand food science.

Our main goal is to eliminate food poverty nationwide and worldwide. We have successfully worked in cities and among rural communities such as the Hampton Roads and Mecklenburg County areas of Virginia. HTSO provided lessons for the state of Tennessee, Oscar School Staff Nutrition Modules and Durham NC yoga. We work hard to support a future wherein everyone in the world will have access to adequate and nutritious food and additionally, a supportive resource in navigating a healthier lifestyle.

Invite "Heal ThySelves" for helpful, motivational and healthful presentations.

Invite Us for a Presentation

HTSO provides Licensed Certified Home Economists (fcs) nat'l & int'l, School Teachers, Yoga Instructors and other team representatives

Who We Are

We are an 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with more than 32 years of experience in food science and health. Some members of our staff have been helping communities at the Bourse Building, Independence Mall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania since 1985.

As part of our commitment to bringing good eating habits and nutrition education to the global community, we also blog about topics considered controversial in the world of food science and offer nontraditional solutions. Our blog post topics include: 

  • Eating our way out of Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Years of gluttonous servings mugs vs tea cups
  • The Akelbulan or Africa pyramid symbol misuse for decades (food pyramid)

Mission Statement

We are here to help worldwide populations obtain weight loss and most of all, achieve realistic personal health goals (individualized sessions).

Vision Statement

Heal ThySelves Organization will affect real nutrition worldwide by helping populations remember the real foods that people are meant to eat. We work towards this goal by offering individual telecommunications sessions, conferences, and workshops.

Meet Rose

Heal ThySelves Organization operates under the direction of Rose. GmomRose, as she is also called, has been educating the public from 1985 to the 2000s. And Rose remains passionate about "individualize" healthy weight.  She offers proven techniques to her clients, with the goal of bringing clients to a healthy weight.

Career Experience

Rose has served in public education since 1985 at Bourse Building on Independence Mall, where she owned The Juice Place retail, and owned and operated Nothing but the Juice, wholesale which supplied GNCs, and the Five Star Four Seasons Hotel under Executive Chef Jean-Marie LaCroix.

In the 1990s Rose served at Healthy Habits (Heal ThySelves Organization) in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Doctors have also referred overweight and obese patients to her.

About Our Logo

Our logo shows the blue lotus, a flowering plant found in parts of Akelbulan. It symbolizes rebirth and ascension.

Products and Services